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Manel Srinivas Nayak Knowledge Series - A Talk on "Telecom Industry Prospects and Challenges".

May 16, 2018

The Knowledge series on “Telecom Industry Prospects and Challenges” was conducted on Wednesday, 16-05-2018 at Swarna Academy Hall with Shri Gopal Vittal M.D & CEO of Bharti Airtel group.

Shri. Gopal Vittal began his talk with few points, which would help students get insight on his view of Telecom sector and his learning from the same. He spoke about the transition from his previous employer HUL to Airtel- what was the difference between the FMCG sector and Telecom Sector.

Mr. Vittal also shared his - How stiff the competition has become post the arrival of Reliance Jio, The Broadband Scenario in India will undergo a change with introduction of a single setup box for Broadband as well DTH services, Overseas operation in over 20 countries of the African Continent is now turning profitable and at the nick of time.

Mr. Vittal opined that with telecom sector, the reaction to change must instant or else it would be difficult to survive in a High Capital inducive industry. Consolidation has led to removal of regional players, who are being acquired by National players in order to survive.

The program concluded with Q&A session followed by Vote of Thanks and National Anthem.

Manel Srinivas Nayak Knowledge Series - A Talk on "Management concepts in Yakshagana".

May 5, 2018

The Knowledge series on “Management concepts in Yakshagana” was conducted on Saturday, 05-05-2018 at Nethravathi auditorium with the Prof. Varadesh Hiregange, Director of Gandhian and Peace studies, Manipal Academy of Higher Education and Demonstrator Guru Bannanje Sanjeeva Suvarna, Principal, Yakshagana Kendra, Udupi.

The Talk began with Prof. Varadesh introducing Yakshagana as an Art form, which presents the various facets of the past into present. He said a typical Yakshagana performance consists of background music played by a group of musicians (known as the Himmela) and a dance and dialog group (known as the Mummela), who together enact poetic epics on stage. The Himmela is made up of a lead singer Bhagawata—who also directs the production—and is referred to as the "first actor" Modalane Vesha. Additional Himmela members are players of traditional musical instruments, such as the Maddale (hand drum), the Pungi (pipe), the Harmonium (organ), and the Chande (loud drums). The music is based on ragas, which are characterized by rhythmic patterns called Mattu and Tala (or musical meter in Western music).

The program had a live demonstration by Guru Bannanje Sanjeeva Suvarna for each Rasas explained by Prof. Varadesh. He also explained how today's generation needs to look up to this art form and how Management has been streamling the way we see Yakshagana today. The program  concluded with Q&A session .

EDIFY 2018' - Global Quest - A National Level Inter-collegiate Management Fest

March 9, 2018

MSNM Besant Institute of PG studies organized a “National Level inter-collegiate fest, EDIFY-2018 (GLOBAL QUEST) on the 9th March 2018 at MSNM Besant campus, Bondel. Commerce and Management students from 21 institutions have taken part in the event. The event was inaugurated by Shri. Vishal Hegde , Pro-Chancellor of Nitte Deemed university Mangalore . In his inaugural address he spoke that bridging the gap between industry and youth at a global level is the need of the hour for a better India. Mr.Raghava Kamath Ex-GM Corporation Bank presided and Dr. Narayan Kayarkatte, Director was present.

The chief guest for the valedictory was Fr. Alwin Serrao, Principal of Padua College of commerce and management. He congratulated the students on the success of the event and encouraged students to increase their knowledge level so that India could raise the bar at global level. The events conducted were as follows:

1. FINGLOBE (Finance event) conducted to develop the skill of students in the financial aspect.

2. IMPACT 360 (HR event) made to help students learn about the various techniques to handle employees.

3. MARKQUEST (Marketing Event) Conducted to help students analyze customer mentality.

4. ENIGMA (Best manager) broke the heads of students to adopt best strategies in practice.

5. FISH EYE (Photography) Beauty of the campus captured best through the lens at the same time in comparison with Global management.

6. QUIZOPHIL (Quiz) where students were tested about their knowledge on global markets.

The prizes awarded were as follows:



Manel Srinivas Nayak Knowledge Series - A Talk on "The Inside Story of Mumbai Dabbawalas".

February 10, 2018

The Knowledge series on “Inside story of Mumbai Dabbawalas” was conducted on Saturday, 10-02-2018 at Nethravathi auditorium with the Coordinator and speaker Shri Anantha Thalekar and Shri Jaysingh Pingle treasurer of Nutun Mumbai tiffin box charity trust.

For the first time the entire programme was communicated in Hindi.

The programme began with Shri Jaysingh entering the venue in Dabbawala style. The talk was given by Shri Anantha Thalekar with a brief introduction about what Mumbai Dabbawala, represents, their drive towards customer satisfaction, the pricing, and their customer base.

Mr. Anantha said The Gandhi Cap is the hall mark of Dabbawalas in Mumbai, adding further he said the issue of managing the time and risk of Dabbawlas were what makes them tick. He wished for someone to develop a technology that will help the dabbawals to carry heavy boxes load. Having adopted technology of late, the Dabbawalas have a track record of 99.99% correct delivery of box to the rightful owner. This, Mr. Anantha Thalekar said is vital in that home cooked food is delivered to people across religions and faiths.

The Mumbai Dabbawalas have been sharing their source of success in getting the SIX SIGMA certification to the hard work of each and every Dabbawalla, as each person is a shareholder they strive towards customer satisfaction and also have job satisfaction thus there is zero attrition as each Dabbawala thinks of himself as entrepreneur. The programme concluded with Question and Answer session.

Manel Srinivas Nayak Memorial Dialogues on Professional Managers - Sri K. Ullas Kamath, Joint Managing Director & CFO, Jyothy Laboratories Ltd.

February 7, 2018

MSNM Besant Institute Of PG Studies, Bondel, Mangaluru had launched a unique programme- “Manel Srinivas Nayak Memorial Dialogues on Professional Managers” Series on April 2nd, 2016. In the first dialogue series, Mr. Praveen P Kadle, MD and CEO, Tata Capital was invited to talk with Sri. V Leeladhar, Former Deputy Governor, RBI.

In the Second Dialogue Series, Sri V G Siddhartha, Chairman, Coffee Day Enterprises was invited as the guest on Saturday, 10th September, 2016.

In the third programme of the series, Sri Prakash Padukone, International Badminton Player, was the guest and he visited the campus on Saturday, 14th October, 2017.

For fourth programme of the initiative, Sri K Ullas Kamath, Joint Managing Director & CFO Jyothy Laboratories Ltd. Bangalore, India was the guest of honour on Wednesday, 7th February, 2018.

Initially he visited the TCS Ion IT centre, following which, he planted a sapling as a mark of upholding the institute’s culture. He was then taken for a campus visit and as part of this, he was shown the work done by the students with which he was really impressed. Following this he was greeted by the members of the Governing Council and then proceeded to light the lamp and then visited the institute’s library and IT lab before proceeding to Nethravathi Auditorium for the programme.

He was given a grand welcome by the students and audience. The programme began with Ms. Happy the MC of the programme welcoming the audience and introducing the institute and the Dialogue Series. This was followed by a prayer from Ms. Ananya and team and then a short AV presentation on the history of Jyothy Laboratories was shown to Sri Ullas Kamath and the audience as well.

Once the dignitaries were escorted on to the dias, presentation of Security statement was done by Mr. Vinaykrishna. The welcome address and introduction of guests was given by Mr. Madhukar. Ms. Kavya, MBA Final Year Student, presented a book to Sri. Ullas Kamath and Ms. Bhavana, MBA First Year Student to Sri V. Leeladhar.

Initiating the dialogue series a number of questions were posed by Sri V. Leeladhar to Sri. Ullas Kamath relating to his personal and sports career life. Sri. Kamath spoke on his early life, his career growth, his life experiences in Jyothy Labs, deep insights about his corporate journey, the need to practice extensively, ability to dream big, importance of intelligent hardwork ,importance of balancing personal and professional life, about how students should prepare themselves for the corporate world, qualities and the values that should be possessed by an individual and the need to serve the needy and less privileged people.

This was followed by an extensive question and answers sessions from the audience and the students that Sri Ullas Kamath answered with proficiency and insight. He was then requested to address the students. His address covered a wide spectrum of areas for students to imbibe in their day to day life. He also expressed immense happiness with the quality of questions from the students and the audience and mentioned that he felt the positive vibes from this institute which he did not find in many institutes that he visited. The program concluded with Dr. Narayan Kayarkatte, Director of the Institute proposing the Vote of Thanks which was followed by the National Anthem.