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Hearty Congratulations to our proud MBA students for securing ranks in the Mangalore University Examination held in September 2020

March 31, 2021

MSNIM Celebrates International Women’s Day

March 8, 2021
International Women's Day Celebration

Addressing the MBA students and faculty members of MSNIM, the chief guest said, “Since olden days, the woman was always a homemaker as her emotional quotient was higher, but today she is a breadwinner also. This does not mean men are anything less. Though a lot of progress has happened in recent times, the benefits have not reached everywhere.”

She added that for women, it is not as easy as for a man to take up tasks as she always has the responsibility to look after her house. She spoke of how society looks down upon the girl child and how girls are discouraged from taking up tasks right from education to basic rights. “Today we have progressed much ahead where a woman is a daughter, wife, single mother, single breadwinner and even looks after her parents.”

Sharing the example of her own life, she said that circumstances made her study MBA after she lost her father at a young age. “My mother had faith in me. She stood by me all the time and always supported and encouraged me in my life journey.”

Institute director, Dr Molly S Chaudhuri presided over the function and said that women should fight for equal rights as a human being. Divya M Shetty and Ridhvika Shetty were the coordinators of the programme. Shama delivered the vote of thanks. Shraddha S Raiker compered the programme.

Guest talk on ‘Entrepreneurship and the Challenges', by Mr. Ullas Kamath, Joint Managing Director, Jyothy Laboratories Limited

February 27, 2021
Lighting the Lamp by Mr. Ullas Kamath, Joint Managing Director, Jyothy Laboratories Limited
Mr. Ullas Kamath, Joint Managing Director, Jyothy Laboratories Limited

Manel Annappa Nayak, vice president of Women’s National Education Society (WNES) presided over the programme. WNES secretary Devananda Pai, members Raghav Kamath, Nagar Narayan Shenoy, Sathish Bhat, Ganesh Bhat, M N Pai and institute director Dr Molly S Chaudhuri were present on the occasion.

Sonia D'Souza welcomed the gathering. Avishma gave the vote of thanks. Saisha compered the programme.

“Budget Analysis 2021” - by CA M Narasimhadas Pai, Founder of M N Pai & Associates

February 11, 2021

Manel Srinivas Nayak Institute of Management (MSNIM) organised a special interactive session on “Budget Analysis 2021” with eminent chartered accountant M Narasimhadas Pai, Founder of M N Pai & Associates. The programme was held on Thursday, 11th February 2021 at 3:00 PM at MSNIM campus at Bondel, Mangalore. The MBA students as well as faculty members of MSNIM participated in the meet.

CA M Narasimhadas Pai, Founder of MN Pai & Associates

The students responded by forming seven distinct groups representing all the main pillars of the 2021 Budget and each group made its presentation on their subject. The following are the main pillars presented by the MBA students: Health & Welfare, Physical & Financial Capital Infrastructure, Disinvestment & Strategic Sale, Inclusive development for aspiration of India, Innovations and R&D, Minimum Government and Maximum Governance and Direct Taxes and Indirect Taxes.

He discussed direct and indirect taxes as well as the infrastructural funds initiated by the government. He focussed on support being given to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and start-ups. “The government will serve as a guarantor in the case of different financial support schemes for the MSME sectors,” he explained.

Devananda Pai, Secretary of Women’s National Education Society (WNES) presided over the programme. WNES Governing Council Members Ganesh Bhat, Nagar Narayan Shenoy and Institute Director Dr Molly S. Chaudhuri were present on the occasion.

Dr Sharan Kumar Shetty, Associate Professor, coordinated the programme. Pooja introduced the speaker. Niyaritha Shetty gave the vote of thanks. Sonia Dsouza compered the programme.

Ankur - The official Academic Launch of the 22nd Batch

February 9, 2021

Ankur’, the official academic launch of the 22nd batch (2020-22) of MBA students of Manel Srinivas Nayak Institute of Management (MSNIM) was held on Tuesday February 9 at MSNIM campus at Bondel, here. The programme was inaugurated by V Leeladhar, the former deputy governor of Reserve Bank of India.

On the occasion, meritorious, distinction students from the earlier two batches were awarded merit scholarships and cash prizes. In an effort to reach out to students from a poor financial background, fully paid scholarships were distributed to two students of the incoming batch by the chief guest Narahari Prabhu, secretary of the Radha Giridhara Charitable Trust, who are the sponsors of the scholarships.

Kudpi Jagadish Shenoy, president of Women’s National Education Society (WNES) presided over the function. WNES secretary K Devananda Pai and members Nagar Narayan Shenoy and Ganesh Krishna Bhat were the guests of honour.

In his address, V Leeladhar advised the students to work hard, be focused and excel in their chosen pursuits. He gave examples of Doulari Devi and Muskhan Sheikh, two Dalit artistes from Bihar, who were honoured with Padmashree award this year. “They tasted success by their hard work. They excelled and became perfectionists because they came out of their comfort zones,” he said. Further elaborating on important aspects of management, V Leeladhar presented case studies of two legendary music directors R D Burman and A R Rahman and how their creativity and out of the box thinking were instrumental in their success.

Hailing the contributions made by the late Manel Srinivas Nayak, founder president of WNES and Besant educational institutions, he observed, “This institute has been named after him for his great yeoman service to education, especially women and the underprivileged strata of society.”

Institute director Dr Molly S Chaudhuri welcomed the gathering. Suresh Shenoy was the coordinator of the workshop. Muddassir Khadar, institute faculty gave the vote of thanks. Nanditha Sunil, faculty of MSNIM compered the programme.